Educators - Editorial 1

It is my job to provide you, as professional educators with fresh material to perk up the classes. I know that you all have syllabuses that you must follow. But nothing says that classes have to be dull and prosaic, either for you or your students.

After many years of observation and thought, I have come to some conclusions. Since this is an opinion piece, please respond.

1. If teachers wish to be respected, they must respect their students.

2. The Constitution says that we are all created equal. True only in the sense that we each deserve respect as a human being. It does NOT mean that we were all created with equal abilities in every field.

 When this is understood, we will stop the dumbing down of our educational system.

3.For the subject of reading, I recommend that all grammar school teachers own and study the McGuffey readers for grades 1-6, especially grades 4-6. From 1870 to WWII, most American students were taught with these books or their clones. Shouldn’t today’s students be at least as well-educated as students over 100 years ago?

4. On the subject of arithmetic and mathematics, Cuisinere rods are it. Well over 40 years old, their success has been reaffirmed over and over. Fractions are understood in the first grade using the rods. Other devices do not compare for a multitude of reasons.

5.For history, let’s not teach only LOCAL history and geography. Since the world is now reachable to all via the internet, isn’t it time that world geography and basic history be taught in all grammar school grades. How absurd to be able to talk to someone in England or France or Japan or Australia or South Africa and NOT know where they are.

6.The United States is rooted in Western Culture. Shouldn’t today’s students understand where the signs of the zodiac come from; where the names of the planets come from; where English originated (Latin and Greek for starters.) The list goes on. In the haste to “include” everyone in the so-called multi-cultural approach, we have thrown out too much. The idea should be to add – not to eliminate the historical roots of our constitution.

7.  For language, the rush to Spanish has deprived the present generation of linguistic opportunities. Spanish contributions to western culture are dismally thin. To categorically ignore French, Italian, Latin, and Greek – all so rich in their contributions to our present day lives is patently foolish.

8.For science, like art and music, it is wise to have a teacher who only teaches that subject. These subjects demand special skills and years of study. 

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