Educators - Math - 4th To 6th Grade

A group of books designed to make mathematics more interesting. These books provide extra credit projects designed to inspire curiosity and creativity. The first two are of special interest to the educator.

Conquering Math Phobia by Calvin C. Clawson
    "A Painless Primer". $16.95

The Number Devil by Hans Magnus Enzensberg
    "A Mathematical Adventure". A witty, clever, introduction to mathematics for adults and children to read together. $17.00

Arithmetic Arithmetic... by Martine Helene Perry
    16 clever puzzle pictures offering lots of practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For ages 7-11. $8.50

Cross Numbers by John Parker
    Crossword puzzles with numbers. Great fun. For ages 10 and up. $8.50. 

The Magic of Flexagons by David Mitchell
    Paper curiosities to cut out and make. Some are transforms; others are puzzles. Excellent projects for 4th and 5th graders.$8.95

Make Shapes 1, 2, 3 by Jenkins Wild
    Each book contains several complex mathematical models providing at least 12 hours of enjoyment each. There are plenty of suggestions and ideas for coloring and decoration. $6.95 each

Paper Polyhedra by Jenkins & Bear
    15 symmetrical models to cut out and glue together. A stimulating collection of 3-dimensional mathematical forms. The colors have been chosen to accentuate the special relationships of their surfaces. An excellent special project for 4th - 6th graders. $8.95

Multiplication Tables Coloring Book by Hilary McElderrry
    Using coloring to stimulate knowledge. For ages 6-10. $8.50 

The Second Multiplication Tables Coloring Book  by Hilary McElderry
    Solve the puzzle pictures while learning your tables. Another delightful coloring exercise. Excellent reenforcement for use in the 3rd and 4th grades.  $7.95

Creativity Through Design by Allan Wiltshire
    Challenges in Art and Mathematics using the Anglemaster. For ages 11 and up. $12.50

Creativity Through Design by Allan Wiltshire
    Challenges in Art and Mathematics using the Circlemaster. For ages 11 and up. $12.50

Who Tells the Truth by Adam Case
    A collection of logical puzzles to make you think. $5.50

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