Why do business with us? We offer the following services: 

  1. Searching, sorting, and selecting. We've been at it for 13 years plus a few lifetimes of reading  and learning and remembering the good books we've read.
  2. In depth knowledge.
    For beginning readers, we offer interesting and challenging selections.
    For parents, we offer suggestions on making selections for themselves and their children.
    For teachers, we try to find fresh selections to enhance their professional efforts.
    For 10-15 year olds, we offer a knowledgeable selection of great reads plus advice on how to select great reads.
    For adults, we offer readable books on unreadable subjects. We constantly search for the most  readable writers we can find no matter what the subject.
  3. Our specialty is ARITHMETIC and MATHEMATICS for every age and level, for students, parents, teachers, and general readers.

    We do not take the academic attitude - if it's interesting and readable, it must not be factually sound.  NOT TRUE.

    Another thing. If you are just a bargain hunter, I guess we're not for you. If you are a curious and interested reader, we are for you.

    Please use our Q&A facility as well as our COMMENTS facility. We want to develop a dialog with you so that we can better serve you. So log on. We can't wait to meet you.


We would be delighted to hear from you with suggestions, questions or comments. Our e-mail address is: We look forward to your correspondence.



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