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After many years of study and observation, there is no way out. The Law of Supply and Demand is just that. A Law. All sorts of groups have tried to fiddle with it, treating it as though it wasn't a law as in a law of nature. The game is to work with it. 

Now, on with the recommendations.

My criteria for selecting books for the business reader:

  1. They should have long term usefulness:

If you run a business.

If they provide solid investment advice.

If they provide solid background knowledge.

  1. Above all  - they must be readable.

 Therefore I recommend:

Learn To Earn $13.00
Beating the Street
One Up on Wall Street
All by Peter Lynch. They are solid, down-to-earth and stand up well over time.

Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Taxes $14.95
Wall Street Journal Guide to Personal Finance
Wall Street Journal Guide to Your Financial Future
Wall Street Journal Guide to Money & Investing in Asia
Well laid out. Facts only. These books answer many questions and spur the reader to ask new ones.

A Short History of Financial Euphoria by John Kenneth Galbraith. In view of the present situation, this will give the reader some perspective. $10.95

TulipoMania by Mike Dash. Lest you think fads and fashion are new phenomena, this story, almost 400 years old, will correct that impression. A marvelously entertaining story about the eternal foolishness of man. Imagine paying $4,000 for a tulip bulb! $23.00

Along with his columns in the New York Times Editorial Section, Paul Krugman has written several books Ė all worth reading. By his own admission, he isnít always right but he is always worth listening to.

The Atlas of Economic Indicators Ė An excellent quick reference for all those financial acronyms that financial commentators throw around. A must if you are a serious investor. $16.00

One Minute Manager by Beandeard & Johnson  The title speaks for itself. And it works. $12.95

1001 Ways to Energize Your Employees
1001 Ways to Take the Initiative at Work
1001 Ways to Reward Employees
by Bob Nelson. Three very useful books. $10.95 each

Founding Fathers on Leadership by Donald T.Phillips who also wrote Lincoln on Leadership. 
Classic teamwork approach in changing times. In the face of terrible odds and with impressive leadership strategies that we can apply today, they achieved success.  $14.00

A Short History of Financial Euphoria by John Kenneth Galbraith. He's always an excellent read. Thisone might help give you some perspective.  $10.95

For background information, the Penguin Atlases of Ancient, Medieval, Modern, and Recent History plus the Atlas of African History and the Atlas of the Pacific Basin are invaluable references. They are inexpensive and extremely useful. $12.95 - $14.00

The Wealth and Poverty of Nations by David Landes. He asks the interesting question: why are some nations perpetually rich and some nations perpetually poor. $15.95

The Robber Barons  by Matthew Josephson. If you want to understand railroads, this is a must. An excellent read on the financial shenanigans of the 19th   and early 20th century. $12.95

In addition, The Atlas of War and Peace serves as a ready reference on the current trouble spots of the world. A great help when investigating investment opportunities overseas. $16.95

If you are a student of economic systems, The Young Personís Guide to Philosophy is an excellent presentation of all the great philosophers including those that influenced our economic system. Donít let the title fool you. The clarity and brevity of presentation makes this an excellent reference. $16.95

New economic texts may come and go, but Paul Samuelsonís Economics is a standout for basic economic principles. His presentation of  terms of trade is great. See if you can get the accompanying workbook. $75.00

If you have found an interesting and useful book, let us know and we'll pass the word.

For Additional Business And Investing Advice, I Recommend

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