General - Maine & New England

There are countless books on this subject. This is a sampling. 

Cod by Mark Kurlansky
The biography of the fish that changed the world. $11.95

Maine Lighthouses - A Pictorial Guide by Courtney Thompson
A well laid-out pictorial "tour" of each lighthouse in color. The book includes maps with directions; the history, legend and lore for each lighthouse; plus much  much more. The best on the subject. $19.95 for soft cover edition.

Drawn from New England by Bethany Tudor. A lovely biography of her mother, Tasha Tudor, filled with family photos. $26.99

Paintings of  Maine by Arnold Skolnick & Carl Little
Nearly every prominent American landscape artist has worked in Maine. Eighty of their most memorable masterpieces are collected here.  $19.95

Spring Wildflowers of New England by Marilyn J. Dwelley
At last, back in print. Beautifully illustrated in color, the drawings have a precision not found in photographs. Almost 500 illustrations accompanied by thorough text descriptions, info on range, habitat, growth habits plus Latin names, comon names and family. A must for the serious wild flower observer. $24.95 

The Guide to Maine Golf Courses by Park M. Morrison
Full information. A must for the golfing vacationer. $14.95

Maine Ghosts and Legends by Thomas Verde
A recounting of Maine's rich history of supernatural occurences and colorful legends. As to the truth of these stories, you will have to judge for yourself. $9.95

Wildfire Loose by Joyce Butler
A true gripping story of the fall of 1947 when Maine burned and burned. Well-written and  well-illustrated. Once you have read it, you will begin to notice the scars still visible after more than 50 years. $14.95 

The Works of Elisabeth Ogilivie. She has had a strong resurgence in the past few years. Her books recount life on Bennett's Island, Maine. "Miss Ogilvie evokes a vanished way of life with almost photographic clarity. They range in price from $12.95 to $15.95. 
    The Summer of the Osprey
    The Lovers Trilogy: The Dawning of the Day
                                       The Season Hereafter
                                        Strawberries in the Sea
    The Day Before Winter
    My World is an Island
    The Tide Trilogy: High Tide at Noon
                                  Storm Tide
                                  The Ebbing Tide
    An Answer in the Tide
    The Jennie Trilogy: Jennie About to Be
                                      The World of Jennie G.
                                      Jennie Glenroy
    My World is an Island

The Chronicles of Arundel by Kenneth Roberts, the author of Northwest Passage. No. Northwest Passage is not currently in print, but don't give up hope. The following range in price from $14.95 to $17.95.
    Arundel - the story of the American attempt to take Quebec in 1775. $16.95 
    Rabble in Arms -
    The Lively Lady -
Set in the War of 1812. $14.95
    Captain Caution - Set in 1812. $15.95
Oliver Wiswell - a biography of the loyalist O;iver Wiswell. First published in 1940.   $24.95 

Maggie May's Diary by Tom Coughlin
Set in Southern Maine. A delightful read. $13.95

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