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Most of us would agree that civilized behavior has suffered a serious setback. The reasons are many but that discussion will best be left to another time. The present problem is to remedy the general lack of manners. If you require motivation, consider an all-too-common news story concerning the lawsuits engendered by poor social behavior. How can we  remedy the situation?

Today’s world is sadder for its loss of civility. There is a remedy. For example, if all corporate workers  from CEO, and President on down to the lowest person on the totem pole were presented with a slim red book called George Washington’s Rules of Civility and required to memorize them, the company would save millions in non-occurring law suits. The language is a bit archaic, but the meanings are clear and unassailable.  Good manners cost nothing. Bad manners are very expensive indeed.  Ask Texaco.

Good Manners in the Workplace Between Men and Women
These remarks are directed to both men and women. When it comes to work, mutual respect is called for at all times. When proceeding through a doorway, it is ladies before gentlemen. When entering and exiting an elevator, when possible it is ladies before gentlemen. These are social situations versus work situations. When it is a business meal, usually the customer or client does not pay. When colleagues go out to dine, the matter of payment is up to them since this is not a "social" situation. Dutch treat or the lady treating is perfectly acceptable. I hope this helps clarify the difference between social and business situations. Being mature always means being civilized. Being civilized always means being polite. 

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