Students - Mathematics - Problems And Projects

Can You Solve These? by David Wells
   Book 1; Book 2; Book 3. Basically these three books contain all the problems you'll ever have while learning mathematics. They offer both hints to solution and the solution to each problem. Excellent. $7.95 each.

The Chemical Helix by Jenkins & Bear
    Make a 3-dimensional model of the periodic table. For ages 11 and up. $8.95

Compound Poyhedra by Jenkins and Bear
    For ages 11 and up. $8.95

Creativity Through Design by Allan Wiltshire
    Challenges in Art and Mathematics using the Anglemaster. For ages 11 and up. $12.50

Creativity Through Design by Allan Wiltshire
    Challenges in Art and Mathematics using the Circlemaster. For ages 11 and up. $12.50

Cross Numbers by John Parker
    Crossword puzzles with numbers. Great fun. For ages 10 and up. $8.50. 

DNA by Brian Van Loon
    The Marvelous Molecule. A construction project for ages 11 and up. $8.95

The 59 Icosahedra. by Coxeter
    Includes the plans and illustrations of all 59 stellations of the icosahedron. Excellent for a thorough understanding of the process of stellation. It contains splendid examples of beautiful polyhedra. $18.95

Fractal Cuts by Diego Uribe
    Ten fractal cuts are used to create pop-up cards. Materials are included. For ages 12 and up. $18.95

Geodesic Domes by Borin Van Loon
    Demonstrated and explained with cutout models. For ages 12 and up. $13.95

Images of Infinity by The Leapfrogs Group
    A collection of drawings, writings, photographs, stories, poetry, and cartoons, all revolving around the problems, paradoxes and theories about the infinite and the infinitesimal . For ages 12 and up. $18.95

The Magic of Flexagons by David Mitchell
    Paper curiosities to cut out and make. Some are transforms; others are puzzles. Excellent projects for 4th and 5th graders.$8.95

Make Shapes 1, 2, 3 by Jenkins Wild
    Each book contains several complex mathematical models providing at least 12 hours of enjoyment each. There are plenty of suggestions and ideas for coloring and decoration. $6.95 each

Mathematical Models by H.M.Cundy and A.P.Rollett
    A classic book of instructions for making a wide variety of mathematical models of all kinds. For ages 12 and up. $18.95

Mathematical Origami by David Mitchell
    Create geometrical shapes using the origami paper folding technique. For ages 12 and up. $12.95

Paper Polyhedra by Jenkins & Bear
    15 symmetrical models to cut out and glue together. A stimulating collection of 3-dimensional mathematical forms. The colors have been chosen to accentuate the special relationships of their surfaces. An excellent special project for 4th - 6th graders. $8.95

Slice Forms by John Sharp
    Create collapsing mathematical models from paper sections. The models are made from intersecting sets of parallel planes which slot together in a clever way to generate interesting 3-dimensional surfaces. The book contains materials to create the models. For ages 13/14 and up. $9.95

Stellated Polyhedra by Jenkins and Bear
    For ages 11 and up. $8.95

Stellation of the Icosahedron by Jenkins and Bear
    For ages 11 and up. $4.95

Three Dimensions and Impossible Solids by Allan Wiltshire
    Using reproducible sheets, the user learns how to draw those fascinating shapes that cannot exist in reality.For ages 10 and up. $12.50

Who Tells the Truth by Adam Case
    A collection of logical puzzles to make you think. $5.50

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