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We live in interesting times. The following books are for the curious. All very readable.

Absolute Zero And The Conquest Of Cold by Tom Shachtman
For everyone who loves history or science or who has ever sighed with pleasure on entering an air conditioned room. Absolute zero is 235 degrees celsius.  $25.00

The Adventures Of Penrose The Mathematical Cat by Theoni Pappas
Pappas brings the joy of discovery to the subject of mathematics. This book is aimed at the grammar school audience. It is understandable to adults who can then bring the joy of mathematics to youngsters – encouraging their curiosity and pleasure in the subject. $10.95

Adventures With Impossible Figures by Bruno Ernst
For those who may not know, Escher is the gentleman who creates those wonderful pictures where you do not know whether you are coming or going. Bruno Ernst is the person who taught him. This book explains it all. The concepts are not esoteric. The procedure is simple. You can create your own optical conundrums once you understand the principles. $16.95

AHA by Martin Gardner
If you love brain teasers and logic puzzles, this book is for you. $14.95

Are You As Smart As You Think? by Terry Stickels
150 original mathematical, logical, and spatial-visual puzzles for all levels of puzzle solvers. $13.95

Bucky Works by J Baldwin
Buckminster Fuller was a remarkable man. Before Fuller, the standard flat map was a mercator projection. We are all familiar with them They’re the ones that make Greenland look as big as South America. In other words, the further from the equator, the greater the distortion of the land masses.  Somewhere, back in the 1940’s, when LIFE magazine was in “every” household, I first met up with one of Buckminster Fuller’s great ideas. He took the surface of the globe and transformed it into a series of triangles. Then you laid them out on a flat surface. This got rid of the distortions. It also enabled you to reassemble the pieces to leave the oceans whole and the continents split.  This change of presentation gave new emphasis to ocean currents and hence fresh views of their effect on exploration.  In addition, Fuller used his concept to create great spherical structures that included the US pavilion at Expo in Montreal in 1967. I also had a wonderful hemispherical jungle gym for my children created in the same manner. Buckminster Fuller was a true original thinker. $19.95

Codes, Puzzles And Conspiracy by Dennis Shasha
A new mathematical thriller from Dr. Eco... A fictional mathematical detective story. $12.95

Conquering Math Phobia by Calvin C. Clausen
A painless primer. $16.95

Einstein’s Dreams by Allen Lightman
At one time it was said that only 3 people understood Einstein’s theory of relativity. Times have changed. Once the concept was “digested”, scientific thought has gone on to further study of fascinating concepts about the universe. This book is a beautiful work of fiction that explores the nature of creativity. $8.95

Exploring Mathematics All Around You by Theoni Pappas $10.95

Fibbonaci Fun by Trudi, Hammel, and Garland
Fibbonaci is the latest name used to describe a logarithmic spiral also known as a helical curve. DNA is a double helix. The Golden Rectangle about which we were taught in art class is based on the fibbonaci  curve. The curve can also be seen on the top of a violin. All flowers unfold in a fibbonaci spiral. The more you read about it, the more you will go on to observe that nature isn’t as random as it looks. $12.95  

Five Equations That Changed The World, The Power And Poetry Of Mathematics by Michael Guillen
Mr Guillen is the science editor of the ABC TV Good Morning show. $13.95 

Fractals, Googols, And Other Mathematical Tales by Theoni Pappas
Great fun for grades 6 through 12 and for interested adults too. $9.95

Gotcha by Martin Gardner
Paradoxes to puzzle and delight. A master of explaining difficult concepts in witty and precise language. $14.95

Is Anybody Out There?
Big Bang
Black Holes
By Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest
Three great books for all ages regarding the universe. They are $16.95 each and well worth it.

The Joy Of Mathematics - Discovering Mathematics All Around You
More Joy Of Mathematics - Exploring Mathematics All Around You
by Theoni Pappas
For teachers, these are a marvelous pair of resource books. For those who teach grammar school, and must teach all subjects, these books give a fresh approach to a subject they are not always comfortable with. For students, they are a great source of interesting math problems. $10.95 each

The Joy of Pi by David Blatner
We all use the number. How was it discovered? Are you aware that it never divides out evenly?  What is its history? Who discovered it? $12.00     

Just Six Numbers By Martin Rees
The deep forces that shape the universe. The profound connections between stars and atoms.$22.00 

Life By The Numbers by Keith Devlin
Math as a tool for understanding just about everything. We're talking about understanding virtual reality, leopard spots and viruses. The discussion reveals career opportunities. $18.95

Math-A-Day by Theoni Pappas
A book of days for your mathematical year. $12.95

Math Equals by Teri Perl
Contains the biographies of important women mathematicians over the last several thousand years plus presentations of their discoveries. $20.95

Math For Kids And Other People Too by Theoni Pappas
Another great book for grades 6 through 12. Again, by introducing a lighter note and offering math puzzles for extra credit, math class can become more lively. $10.95

The Rainbow Of Mathematics – A History Of The Mathematical Sciences by Ivor Grattan-Guiness
The story of how numbers were invented and harnessed. A passionate physical saga. $19.95

Science And The Founding Fathers by I. Bernard Cohen
Science in the political thought of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and James Madison. $15.95

Who Tells the Truth by Adam Case
A collection of logical puzzles to make you think. $5.50

Why Do Buses Come in Threes? By Rob Eastaway and Jeremy Wyndham 
Discover the explanation for two presidents dying on the same day; how many people need to be in a room before you find 2 people with the same birthday, etc.  $14.95

Women And Numbers by Teri Perl
Another book on important women mathematicians plus some of their discovery activities. $15.95

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